Senate votes to support Marketplace Fairness Act, 75-24

On Friday, the Senate debated the merits of online sales tax and the Marketplace Fairness Act. The debate was thrilling, and we are proud to provide (courtesy of C-SPAN) a complete stream of the 42-minute debate right here.

After the debate, the Senate voted overwhelmingly to support the amendment to the Senate’s 2014 budget resolution. The final vote was 75-24.

So what’s next for the bill? Your guess is as good as ours, but we trust Congress can finally get this done.

Also, for those of you who are as geeky about this topic as we are, here’s the full 63-minute “pre-debate” that occurred one day earlier, on March 21st.

Senate Debate March 21, 2013

2 Responses to Senate votes to support Marketplace Fairness Act, 75-24

  1. Ken Miller says:

    What do I think? Just more of the same. The spenders vs the thinkers who recognize that sooner or later, our greedy politicians will drive this country into oblivian. Kudos to Senator Hatch to point out that this is a bill to allow the states to get yet more money from the taxpayer’s pocket. Congress could easily fix this issue by passing a national sales tax and prohibiting states from having one of their own, and rebating to the states their portion of the proceeds.
    The founders of this blog sense a money making opportunity here and recklessly disregard the spending situation that the politicians and their lobbiest friends have gotten the country into. It is every citizen’s duty to prevent the politicians and their lobbiest friends from going over board on taxes.

    • FedTax says:

      Thank you for your comment. We appreciate that people have differing opinions, and (unlike many other sites) we do not moderate comments. We are clearly supportive of the Marketplace Fairness Act – we think it’s better to keep sales tax local instead of having a national sales tax, so that voters can continue to decide a) whether to have sales tax, b) what the sales tax rate should be, and c) how sales tax proceeds should be used.

      Your post seems distrustful of our motives, so let’s be very clear:

      1) The sales tax situation in many states has been a problem for quite some time – we did not cause the problem, but we do think we can help to fix it.

      2) Before TaxCloud, there was no easy-to-use or free service that would allow retailers to comply with state and local sales tax laws. With our backgrounds in technology and e-commerce, we believed we could help, and we already are – thousands of retailers are using TaxCloud today at no cost and no risk.

      We are driven by our belief that technology can make it easy for any business to calculate and collect sales tax. We also believe that businesses shouldn’t have to spend a penny on collecting sales tax.

      Thank you again for your contribution to this important and evolving national dialogue.

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