Strong support for Marketplace Fairness Act from retail and other groups

The Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013, which was introduced last Thursday, is already receiving strong support from retail and other groups. Those issuing statements about the legislation include:

Why the strong show of support for the Marketplace Fairness Act? Primarily, these groups say, in order to level the playing field for local businesses. As the American Independent Business Alliance put it in a letter to the senators who introduced the bill, “We ask you to push this bill through to help level the playing field for the many small businesses we represent who are hobbled by the status quo. When remote retailers are effectively subsidized by being exempted from sales tax collection duties imposed on storefront businesses, government is obstructing genuine market competition.”

2 Responses to Strong support for Marketplace Fairness Act from retail and other groups

  1. Ken Miller says:

    What do I think? I think this forum is a waste of time to discuss internet sales tax collection due to the site’s obvious involvement in being able to profit from a sales tax collection scheme by the states.
    No where is there any postings regarding whether this legislation is a good idea overall in the sense of limiting more taxpayer money ending up in the politician pockets. The greedy states, like pigs lining up at the trough, and grunting for food, can’t wait to have the bonanza of income at their doorstep courtesy of the the Washington D.C. fools we send there.
    There is a catagory marked “rants” on this web site and I can’t believe that no one has written anything against this proposal. Instead, all that’s on the “rants” portion is more favorable statements by entities that stand to profit from this legislation. The site is certainly not one to present a balanced discussion. Kind of like 3rd world countries control of the media.
    Ken Miller

    • FedTax says:

      Mr. Miller,

      Thank you again for your comments. We appreciate that some people have differing opinions, and (unlike many other sites) we do not “moderate” our readers comments. We are clearly supportive of the federal legislation. Your post seems distrustful of our motives, so lets be very clear:

      1) The sales tax situation in the many states has been a problem for quite some time – we did not cause the problem, but we do think we can help to fix it.

      2) Before TaxCloud, there was no easy-to-use or free service that would allow retailers to comply with the many state and local sales tax laws. With our technology and e-commerce backgrounds, we believed we could help, and we already are (thousands of retailers are using TaxCloud today at no cost, and no risk).

      We are driven by our believe that technology can make it easy for any business to calculate and collect sales tax. We also believe that businesses shouldn’t have to spend a penny on collecting sales tax.

      Thank you again for your contribution to this important and evolving national dialog.

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