Congratulations to Senator-elect Heitkamp!

Heidi Heitkamp

Congratulations to Heidi Heitkamp, who was just elected senator of North Dakota! Some of our readers may recognize her name: She was the North Dakota Tax Commissioner when the state brought suit against Quill Corp. in an attempt to require the catalog company to collect use tax on purchases made by North Dakota residents. The case famously went to the Supreme Court, which ruled that it would be too difficult for businesses to collect sales tax for states where they had no physical presence. But, equally important, the court also said that “the underlying issue here is one that Congress may be better qualified to resolve, and one that it has the ultimate power to resolve.”

Four bills currently before Congress attempt to do just that and close the online sales tax loophole. We look forward to Senator-elect Heitkamp’s support on the issue!

4 Responses to Congratulations to Senator-elect Heitkamp!

  1. Ken Miller says:

    Just because Ms. Heitcamp was the tax commissioner at the time of the Quill ruling, doesn’t make her in favor of taxing her constituents. She may be the the rare Democrat that cares about her constituents when it comes to weaseling more tax money from them. Ken Miller ( Please note: I’m not afraid to print my name vs. the anonymous writer of most of these screeds who has a personal financial gain possible on this issue.)

    • FedTax says:

      Thanks for your comment. Although this is the blog of a company and not an individual, you can find out who works at FedTax by going to our TaxCloud site. (TaxCloud is our sales tax management service; FedTax is the company name.) Here’s a link to the names and backgrounds of our management team:

      I’m David Campbell, CEO and co-founder of FedTax, and I’d be glad to discuss sales tax with you at any time. Feel free to call me at 206-452-1686.

    • FedTax says:

      Just to follow up. Senator Heitkamp is an originating sponsor of the recently reintroduced Marketplace Fairness Act, and happy to be part of the solution to this decades old problem. Understandably, she believes this issue should have been settled in 1992.

  2. MP says:

    It should be noted that the legislation has nothing to do with “weaseling more tax money” from citizens. The bill merely institutes an enforcement mechanism to collect state and local tax obligations that are ALREADY OWED. To reiterate, this is NOT a new tax, nor will the tax go to the federal government–it’s for the schools that YOUR kids attend, the roads that YOU drive on. Congratulations to Senator-elect Heitcamp, regardless of where she stands on the issue!

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