Study says online sales tax collection = more jobs for Speaker Boehner’s Ohio

An article in Internet Retailer says that a new University of Cincinnati study found that “retail stores in Ohio would hire 11,000 new employees if a new system requiring sales tax collection by out-of-state online and catalog retailers went into effect.”

We’re not surprised—local stores provide three jobs for every one provided by an online retailer—but we’re glad to see solid figures on just how many jobs would be created if online retailers collected sales tax.

The article includes this quote from Jeff Rexhausen, associate director of research at the University of Cincinnati Economics Center:

“These are very, very significant findings . . . . Given the difficult economic circumstances affecting Ohio’s retail businesses and its state and local governments, finding a way to bring fairness to the online sales tax process would be a huge economic boon to the state.” (emphasis added)

We hope Speaker Boehner (R-OH) and the rest of Ohio’s delegation in Congress are listening. When Congress can create tens of thousands of new jobs and help ensure states have enough revenue for schools, firefighters, and police, all without creating a new tax or raising taxes—why wouldn’t they?

What do you think?

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