Press on the Main Street Fairness Act

The moment people heard about the introduction of the Main Street Fairness Act, everyone started buzzing (in chronological order – we will endeavor to keep this list updated – Updated: 8/4/2011 @ 08:48 EDT):

  1. Article in PoliticoDick Durbin to introduce online sales tax bill
  2. Press release by FedTax (supporting): Small Businesses Applaud Senator Durbin and Representative Conyers for Introducing Main Street Fairness Act
  3. Article in the Los Angeles sales-tax issue taken up by Congress
  4. Press release by the National Retail Federation  (supporting): NRF Says Internet Sales Tax Bill Will Help Preserve Main Street Jobs
  5. Article in the National JournalDurbin Moves to Tax E-Commerce
  6. Article in Crain’s Chicago BusinessDurbin proposes Internet sales tax
  7. Article in TechFlashCongress to take up Internet sales tax issue plaguing Amazon
  8. Press release by the National Taxpayers Union  (opposing): Beware of Fiscal Potholes in Congress’s Latest “Main Street Fairness Act,” Taxpayer Group Warns
  9. Statement by Americans for Tax Reform (opposing): Internet Tax Introduced by Democrats Durbin, Conyers
  10. Press release by NetChoice (opposing): NetChoice Strongly Opposes ‘Main Street Fairness’ Act From Congressional Democrats
  11. Article in The HillDurbin introduces online tax bill, has Amazon support
  12. Article in Internet RetailerFederal sales tax bill introduced
  13. Press release by the Retail Industry Leaders Association (supporting): Main Street Fairness Act Introduction the First Step Toward Fair Competition
  14. Press release by Sears (supporting): Sears Holdings Applauds Senator Durbin’s Introduction of the Main Street Fairness Act
  15. Press release by Sen. Durbin: Durbin, Conyers, Welch and Others Introduce Bill to Level the Playing Field for Main Street Retailers
  16. Letter from Amazon (supporting): July 29, 2011 Letter from Amazon to Senator Durbin in Support of Main Street Fairness Act
  17. Press release by the National Conference of State Legislatures (supporting): NCSL Announces Support for Main Street Fairness Act
  18. Article in PoliticoAmazon, eBay split over online sales tax bill
  19. Article in ReutersSenator supports online sales tax reform
  20. Article in TechFlashA national e-commerce ‘Amazon tax’ law draws harsh reaction
  21. Article in UPIAmazon capitulates on state taxes
  22. Article in Gather:  Congressional Support for Uniform Online Sales Tax
  23. Article in Rave NewsCongress Looking At Balancing The Online Scales With Main Street Fairness
  24. Article in Accounting TodayCongress Introduces Bill to Collect Online Sales Taxes
  25. Article in PC MagazineDemocrats Introduce Federal Bill to Collect Online Sales Tax
  26. Press release by the International Council of Shopping Centers (supporting): Shopping Center Industry Supports Efforts to Level the Field between Internet and Brick-and-Mortar Retailers
  27. Article in DailyTechIllinois Senator’s Business Tax Bill Gains Supporters, Amazon is Onboard
  28. Article in The Orange County RegisterCongress jumps into ‘Amazon sales tax’ issue
  29. Article in JCKNational Internet Sales Tax Bill Introduced in Congress
  30. Statement by FreedomWorks: (opposing): In the Shadow of the Senate: A New Tax Emerges
  31. Article in MichiganLiveSales tax for online retailers? John Conyers sponsors bill to ‘level the playing field’
  32. Article in Computer WorldTech groups oppose Internet sales tax bill
  33. Article in WebProNewsMain Street Fairness Act Draws Amazon Support, eBay Opposition
  34. Article in EcommerceJunkieCongress Eyes Federal Sales Tax Bill
  35. Article in GeekOSystemAmazon Supports Internet Sales Tax Law
  36. Press release by Jewelers of America (supportive): JA Applauds Introduction of ‘Main Street Fairness Act
  37. Press release by the ITIF (supportive): Statement on New Internet Sales Tax Legislation S. 1452
  38. Article by the Performance Marketing AssociationSen. Durbin Proposes Federal Sales Tax Solution
  39. Press release by the Electronic Retailers Association (opposing): New Efforts To Tax and Regulate Electronic Retailers A Bad Idea
  40. Article in the National Jewelers NetworkFederal Internet sales tax law back on the table
  41. Article in IDEX OnlineMain Street Fairness Act Introduced, JA ‘Applauds’
  42. Article by CompTIA (The IT Industry Association): Main Street Fairness Act Introduced: Requires Interstate Sales Tax Collection
  43. Press Release by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (supportive): Statement on New Internet Sales Tax Legislation S. 1452
  44. Article in the Technology Liberation FrontInternet Taxes, “Main Street Fairness” & the Origin-Based Alternative
  45. Article in OCMetroAmazon supports Main Street Fairness Act
  46. Article in TechZone360Democrats Propose Bill to Collect SalesTax from Online Retailers
  47. Article in the Rapid City JournalJohnson’s bill would tax sales by online retailers
  48. Article by ADOTASAssociations Rail Against Federal Online Sales Tax Bill
  49. Article by ZippyCartPoliticians Push for Nationwide Tax on Ecommerce Solutions
  50. Article by Washington Business JournalA national e-commerce ‘Amazon tax’ law draws harsh reaction
  51. Article by NorthJersey.comInternet sales tax legislation would impact North Jersey businesses
  52. Article by FITSnewsWeb Tax: This’ll Help (Not)
  53. Editorial in The Washington TimesUnplug the Internet tax
  54. Editorial in the Denver PostOnline tax bill isn’t so simple
  55. Article in CaliticsAmazon’s Long War on Sales Taxes
  56. Press release from the National League of Cities (supportive): Main Street Fairness Act Introduced in Congress
We noticed that the press releases opposing the legislation have, thus far, either relied on vague language without really engaging with the bill (the National Taxpayers Union) or repeated one of the common mischaracterizations of the bill that we recently blogged about (Americans for Tax Reform, NetChoice). Once again: The bill does not create a new tax or raise taxes, and technology and the simplified sales tax laws the bill requires together make it easy for businesses to collect sales tax for multiple states.

One Response to Press on the Main Street Fairness Act

  1. […] Association (ABA) and the World Floor Covering Association (WFCA) have joined other business groups in publicly stating their support for the Main Street Fairness […]

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