Macy’s VP voices support for Streamlined, federal legislation

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Bay Area BizTalk: Amazon Tax

In a Bay Area BizTalk post on the San Francisco Business Times website, Macy’s vice president and tax counsel Frank Julian voices his support for the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement (without mentioning it by name) and federal legislation on online sales tax:

“The state-by-state approach we think is the wrong way to address this…. It doesn’t bring about the simplification and uniformity we think is critical,” said Frank Julian, vice president and tax counsel at Macy’s Inc. “We would support congressional legislation that brings about simplification, uniformity and vendor compensation in exchange for making all sellers collect tax, but it has to do all of that. It has to be a package. You can’t take one side of the equation without the other.”

Make no mistake, Macy’s and most small retailers who now count Amazon as competition want the giant online retailers to pay sales tax — it’s only fair and levels the playing field, they say. But to work and to be constitutional, it must be done through federal legislation, and it must at the same time make it easier and more economical to collect sales tax.

We couldn’t agree more. And Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has said much the same thing.

The article also includes a good illustration of why streamlining and simplification is so desperately needed:

Consider that every city and county in California has a different tax rate. Then consider that in some states a Snickers is considered — and thus taxed as — a candy bar while a Nestle Crunch bar is not considered candy because it contains rice. Some states tax fruit juices differently based on just how much fruit is in the drink, and not all states tax clothing.

The Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement (SSUTA) eliminates all that complexity and makes it much easier for retailers to collect sales tax for multiple states. Federal legislation, in the form of the Main Street Fairness Act, would provide an incentive for states to join SSUTA and ease the burden on retailers.

The rest of the article is also worth reading for its analysis of what online sales tax collection means for both big box retailers and mom-and-pop stores; we highly suggest you check it out.

We do have to disagree with one conclusion the article draws: that collecting sales tax for multiple states is too difficult for small online retailers.

Yes, we need the simplification provided by SSUTA. But for small online retailers worried about the potential costs of collecting sales tax, we have just one word: TaxCloud.

We created TaxCloud especially for those small retailers without the resources of an Amazon or Walmart who are faced with collecting sales tax and wondering how they can do it. We’ve made it easy and, perhaps even more important, we’ve made it completely free.

Once again, we have to hope that Congress hears this voice of support for Streamlined and federal legislation. The recent passage of affiliate nexus legislation in California has brought the issue to the forefront of the national conversation. It’s time for Congress to listen to that conversation and finally take action.

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