Small business owners voice support for Main Street Fairness Act

Houston Chronicle

Houston Chronicle: "Let's make online retailers compete on a level field"

Opponents of the Main Street Fairness Act often charge that its main supporters are huge retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy. While it’s true that these companies support the Main Street Fairness Act, they are only the most visible supporters—for every large retailer there are hundreds of small local businesses supporting the bill.

Two recent news articles point to this fact. This article from the Central Pennsylvania Business Journal says that more than 200 business owners have signed a letter asking Pennsylvania legislators to pass legislation requiring online retailers to collect sales tax:

The signatories are mostly small retailers from around the state, but also include business associations and resort/recreational businesses such as York County ski area company Ski Roundtop Operating Corp.

You can read the letter yourself and see which businesses have signed here.

In the Houston Chronicle, the owner of a college bookstore has written an op-ed explaining how the fact that online retailers do not need to to collect sales tax has affected his business. It’s a great read, and it highlights one of the industries that has been hardest hit by the tech revolution: bookstores.

It’s hard to argue with the idea that all retailers should follow the same rules—selling online shouldn’t provide an unfair advantage over selling in a bricks-and-mortar store. With technology like TaxCloud making it easy to automate the calculation and collection of sales tax for anywhere in the U.S., there’s really no reason that online retailers shouldn’t collect sales tax.

The Main Street Fairness Act would provide a level playing field for both online and local retailers, and we continue to support it.

What do you think?

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