Kaumaha news from Hawaii

Kaumaha news from Hawaii

Kaumaha news from Hawaii

We’ve just learned that the word for “sad” in Hawaiian is “kaumaha.”

We learned this word because we just found out that two sales tax–related bills, one to join the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement (SSUTA) and one to enact an affiliate nexus law, have died in committee in Hawaii.

Although we are glad that in-state affiliates won’t be hurt by an affiliate nexus law, as has happened in so many other states, it’s too bad that the bill to join SSUTA also failed to make it out of conference committee.

SSUTA’s purpose is to make it easy for multistate retailers to collect sales tax. There’s just one sales tax return form for every SSUTA member state, and SSUTA’s guidelines simplify sales tax regulations so that a retailer knows item are taxed the same way in every SSUTA state.

Twenty-four states are currently members of SSUTA. For multistate retailers that sell in Hawaii, it’s too bad that Hawaii won’t have a chance be the twenty-fifth (until next year).

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