State Senator Luke Kenley in the Wall Street Journal

Did you see last Friday’s Wall Street Journal? It features a letter to the editor from Indiana State Senator Luke Kenley, who is also president of the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board.

Kenley is responding to an earlier WSJ article on online sales tax that failed to mention Streamlined and the role it plays in making the online collection of sales tax easier for retailers. Kenley sets the record straight.

We particularly like these lines from Kenley’s letter:

Streamlined is a state sovereignty exercise [that] promotes simplicity [and] uniformity and respects the principle of not putting an undue burden on interstate commerce.

No one wants to pay tax, but we all recognize that some taxes are necessary to provide governmental services. Those taxes are best when they are broad-based, low rate, evenhanded, fair and nondiscriminatory among competitors in the marketplace.

What do you think?

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