Too complex? “That’s hogwash”

Macomb Daily

The Macomb Daily

We love this editorial from the Macomb Daily (MI). After offering a quick background on online sales tax, affiliate nexus legislation, and Amazon’s response to affiliate laws, it turns to the need for federal legislation:

The better answer is federal legislation requiring Amazon and its competitors to collect sales taxes in each state. That’s been proposed for years. An early response was that it was too complex.

That’s hogwash.

We couldn’t agree more!

The Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement has effectively simplified and standardized sales tax categories and definitions, making it much easier for retailers to remit sales tax to multiple states. Now all we need is federal legislation allowing states to require online retailers to collect sales tax.

It looks like the editorial has been picked up by the Associated Press, so we expect it to appear in many more papers around the country.

2 Responses to Too complex? “That’s hogwash”

  1. Rick Keen says:

    The act you refer to has only been picked up by 24 states. By my count that leaves 26 more states that will make my life miserable. And in fact the streamlined regulations that exist only make it slightly less of a pain in the behind, still necessitating that I hire someone else to keep track of it all. “Hogwash”? A hog’s arse. Why don’t you try it knucklehead and see if you still think it’s hogwash. You obviously have no idea what it takes to run ANY kind of business in today’s economy so you should probably keep yer yap shut and let the grown-ups talk.

  2. […] for online businesses to comply with the nation’s patchwork of sales tax laws.” Thats hogwash! Calculating the sales tax due on a purchase is no more difficult than calculating shipping costs […]

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