Chicago Tribune calls for federal legislation

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune published a scathing editorial yesterday that urges Congress to address the issue of uncollected sales tax on remote sales. According to the editorial, “The time has come for Congress to back up states like Illinois as they stand against a corporate bully. Amazon is putting its interests above the common good—a situation we hope Durbin & Co. will rectify.”

The strongly worded editorial refers to the current situation of uncollected/unpaid taxes on remote sales as “widespread abuse.” It says that federal legislation is needed “not only because of basic fairness but also because of the shameful efforts of Web merchants to retain their arbitrary advantage.” It calls out Amazon specifically as having “treated its local affiliates as pawns, severing ties with them to evade its tax-collection obligations” and as having “strong-armed other states, threatening to shut down facilities in Texas unless Longhorn lawmakers cave in to its tax demands. Amazon has tried to make an expansion project in South Carolina contingent on relief from collecting sales tax.”

Will the surge of editorials continue now that the Chicago Tribune has joined the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Sacramento Bee, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune in calling for federal legislation to resolve the issue fairly and efficiently?

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2 Responses to Chicago Tribune calls for federal legislation

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